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Concern for the environment is integral and fundamental to the business strategy of W.J. & W. Lang Limited.

It is the policy of the Company, that relevant legislative and regulatory requirements are met at all locations for which it has responsibility and that it's affairs are managed in such a manner that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent pollution. The Company will aim for continued reduction in the environmental impact of its emissions through its investment and process decision-making.

Management of operations and maintenance of all plant, processes, buildings, equipment and the purchasing of materials will take into account environmental impact as well as economic, safety considerations and long term sustainability.

W.J. & W. Lang Limited company will ensure that the human and financial resources necessary for the implementation of this policy are provided along with a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets. The Company is also committed to training and communicating with all employees, contractors or all those working on behalf of the company on relevant environmental issues to ensure a common goal towards avoidance of adverse environmental impact and to involving them in the development of the management system.

W.J. & W. Lang Limited company will publish environmental objectives and results of its environmental performance through the Group Environmental Statement published annually.


The Company recognises that inefficiency in the use of energy leads to unnecessary impact on the environment and has undertaken a programme of energy management which will both meet the needs of good business performance and take due regard for environmental effects. This programme will be controlled within the targets and objectives of the environmental management system, establishing a ten year energy reduction target with biannual milestone indicators, to ensure that this aim is met, or exceeded, in line with the target agreed with the Secretary of State.

The Company is committed to a continuous improvement for its energy use through regular surveys of the main energy consuming areas.

When capital investments are planned, the Company will give due regard to energy efficiency in the selection and configuration of plant, and adopting the most energy efficient equipment available when the marginal cost is justifiable.

The Managing Director has overall responsibility for the implementation of the Environmental Policy, with the Environmental Manager responsible for its maintenance and implementation.

This policy relates not only to our specific manufacturing operation but also reflects the criteria embraced by the environmental policy of Scottish Leather Group Limited, of which we are a wholly owned subsidiary.


Paul McDonald
Managing Director