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The tradition of producing Fine Scottish Leather in our locality has been established over many centuries. Today at W.J. & W. Lang Ltd. we combine the experience built up by generations of craftsmen, with the latest technology and control to produce our unique leather.

  • 140 years of tanning experience
  • Specialise in the production of both lime split and full substance bovine Wet Blue and Wet White
  • Wet blue butt splits and shoulder splits
  • Lime splits for collagen production
  • State of the art machinery, processes and technology
  • Low Carbon Leather

Located near Glasgow in Scotland. The company operates its own timely delivery service, and ensures regular visits are made to customers by sales and technical personnel, as well as local agents. In addition, the company has a dedicated workforce, many of whom have a recognised qualification in leather technology, who make a major contribution to maintaining the highest technical standards of processing.